7 Reasons Why You Should Offer Your Customers an Ebook

unsplash-logoAidan Hancock

You’ve built a website to establish your online presence and reach more customers. You’ve invested a lot in your website design. As for content, you’ve stayed true to the content advice. You regularly create content for your blog. Or maybe you’ve hired someone to feed the blog for you.

Yet, your website visitors aren’t clicking the subscribe button. As a result, your mailing list isn’t getting any larger.

How can you fix that? The answer can be just one step away: Write an ebook (or have it written) and… give it away.

But why and how would it be a good idea to put money and time into an ebook that, eventually, you will give for free?

As you’ll see, there are many ways in which an ebook can help your business grow.

1. Ebooks position you as an authority

Ebooks place you as an authority in your niche. They offer detailed information on the topic, far more than a regular blog post does. Only an expert can write a book about a certain topic. That’s how ebooks position you.

2. Lead generation tool

You can call it an ebook or guide or handbook. In any way offered and as long as it’s suited to your target audience, your customers will be happy to give away their email addresses to get your valuable content. Giving your ebook for free will pay you back by generating more qualified leads for you.

3. Ebooks are subtle

Since they’re not direct marketing tools, ebooks are often called “Bait Pieces”. Customers go after them because they promise value of some kind. And this is what ebooks should offer, especially when you attach them to an existing offering: added value.

4. It allows your customers to take immediate action

Once your customer is hooked, you want them to be able to take action at once. Ebooks are just a click away. They’re fast to deliver and easy to access.

5. One reference for your customers

An ebook can simply be a collection of blog posts from your website put together in one place. You can make it appeal to your customer as a takeaway guide or summary that they can access anytime, anywhere, without the need to go online.

6. It’s affordable

Even when you need to commission a writer to produce an ebook, the benefits outweigh the cost. It enables you to attract potential customers with minimal cost.

7. It’s easy to update

Unlike a printed brochure, when the information in your ebook gets outdated, you can easily update it. Your material can last for years before it expires.

Have an ebook idea in mind? Get in touch and let’s discuss it.